Newark and Sherwood Homes Limited
Kelham Hall, Kelham
Newark On Trent,
Notts, NG23 5QX
Tel: 0845 258 5550

Newark and Sherwood Homes

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Ending your Tenancy


Your tenancy agreement sets out your responsibilities and rights as a tenant, and the Council's responsibilities as your landlord.

If you want to end your tenancy agreement you must:

  • Tell us in writing at least 4 weeks before the date you intend to move out of your home. This four-week period must end on a Monday. Please note you will continue to be liable for rent, even after you have left, if proper notice is not given
  • Return all keys to us on, or before, the day you leave
  • Ensure that on the date you end the tenancy all your possessions and any refuse are cleared and that no animals are left in the property
  • Leave the property and any fixtures or fittings, clean and in good order
  • Ensure that when you leave that nobody else is living in or has access to the property
  • Ensure that any money owing to us is paid in full

If you do not comply with the conditions of your tenancy agreement you will have to pay for any costs to Newark and Sherwood Homes for repairing, cleaning, clearing or otherwise putting right the property. If your failure to comply with these conditions results in the unlawful occupation of the property when you leave, you will be liable to pay us any rent loss and court costs we incur in recovering vacant possession of the property.

Payment of rent is required until the date of termination. Should housing benefit have been paid, then unfortunately this ceases on the death of the tenant or if the tenant commences permanent residential, after assessment.

It is the responsibility of the tenant (or their next of kin in the case of bereavement, executor or personal representative) to hand in all keys to the property by 12 noon on the day of termination to one of the following offices:

  • The Main Reception, Kelham Hall, Kelham
  • Hawtonville Office, Eton Avenue, Newark.
  • Ollerton Office, Sycamore Road, Ollerton.


Newark and Sherwood Homes deals with squatters and unauthorised occupants in Newark and Sherwood District Council properties and will take action against a person who is squatting or who has unauthorised occupants in empty properties.

A squatter is someone who enters premises as a trespasser, as opposed to a lodger left in possession at the end of a tenancy.  In either event Newark and Sherwood Homes will take legal steps to have the illegal occupants removed.


If you wish to report illegal squatters or unauthorised occupants please phone Tenancy and Estates Team on 0845 2585550 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To terminate your tenancy or for further information please contact the Housing Choice section on 0845 2585550 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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