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Welfare Reform - Are Benefit Changes Going to Cost You Money?

Following the introduction of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, working age tenants who currently receive benefits are likely to be affected by the Government’s benefit reforms. Tenants in receipt of the State Retirement Pension or Pension Credit are unlikely to be affected by the changes.

These changes began to take effect from April 2013. If you claim housing benefit to help you pay your rent you may be affected.  You may also get less housing benefit than you did before. If you have rent to pay it is important that you arrange to make your rent payments when they are due.  If you fail to do so you are at risk of losing your home.

We understand that many tenants will be worried about the changes and unsure about how they and their family will be affected.

Want to know more or need some assistance?  You may find the following information helpful.

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