Newark and Sherwood Homes Limited
Kelham Hall, Kelham
Newark On Trent,
Notts, NG23 5QX
Tel: 0845 258 5550

Newark and Sherwood Homes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Newark and Sherwood Homes?

Newark and Sherwood Homes is an Arms Length Management Organisation set up to manage, maintain and improve Council housing on behalf of Newark and Sherwood District Council. You may read more about the Company on our Home Page and our About NSH Page. There you will also find Board Minutes to download.

Are you part of Newark and Sherwood District Council?

Newark and Sherwood Homes is a non-profit making company that is owned by Newark and Sherwood District Council. You may read more about the Company on our About NSH page.

How do I contact someone in Newark and Sherwood Homes?

The general contact details are here on our Contacts page. In addition, individual pages on this website contain phone numbers more specific to that section.

What is the make-up of your Board?

The organisation is managed by a Board of twelve members, made up of:

  • Four tenants
  • Four Councillors from all political parties
  • Four independent people with professional skills to help run the service

The Board Members serve as volunteers and receive out of pocket expenses.

How can I find out the dates of your Board Meetings?

Please visit this page to find out dates of Board Meetings

How do I know what is on the agenda for the next Board Meeting?

Please visit this page to read the Board Meeting agendas.

Where can I read the minutes of Board Meetings?

You may download the Board Meeting Minutes here.

How do I make a complaint?

You may make a complaint by completing our Complaints Matter form which you will find available to download on our Service Standards page.

How do I send a comment, praise or suggestion?

We welcome positive comments and suggestions too. Please complete our Housing Matters form which you will find available to download on our Service Standards page.

What is 'Decent Homes'?

The Decent Home standard is a government standard that covers fitness of the property, state of repair, modern facilities and thermal comfort.

How do I apply for a home?

Please visit our Choice Based Lettings page to find out about applying for a home.

What types of property do you manage?

We manage bedsits, bungalows, houses, flats and maisonettes. Please visit our Property Types page to find out more and for a full table of properties.

How do I know what properties are available and how can I apply?

We have a list of available properties on our Choice Based Lettings page, together with details of how to apply.

What if I am a tenant and want to move?

Please visit our Choice Based Lettings page to find out about applying for a new home.

Where can I find information on Leaseholds?

Leaseholds are explained on our Leaseholder Information page.

How do I pay my rent? What are the options?

There are various methods of paying rent such as in person, by debit card, over the phone, cash or cheque, via the Internet, or via your bank or rent collector. Full details may be found on our Rent and Charges page.

What if I have difficulty paying my rent?

Please contact Newark and Sherwood Homes in the first instance. You may also find out more on our Rent and Charges page.

Are you able to help me with Housing Benefit and Council Tax?

Please visit our Housing Benefit page.

Do you insure my contents against fire, theft, damage, etc?

Contents are not insured. Please visit our Home Contents Insurance page to find out more about what you should do to insure the contents of your home.

How do I report a repair?

You may report a repair by calling Freephone 0800 561 0010, Out of Hours Emergency Freephone: 0800 561 0010, at one of our offices, in writing or email and on-line by visiting our Repairs and Maintenance page.

Can I report an emergency repair out of hours?

Yes, our Out of Hours Emergency Freephone number is 0800 561 0010.

Do you provide sheltered housing?

Yes, we provide a secure and safe environment for residents of sheltered accommodation. Please read more on our Supported Housing page.

How do I get an emergency Careline alarm system fitted in my home?

You may read more about our Careline community alarm system here .

How do you involve tenants in improving the service provided by Newark and Sherwood Homes?

Involving tenants in service improvements is vital to the success of Newark and Sherwood Homes. The various options for involvement and participation are at the heart of our work. Please read more on our Tenant Involvement page.

Where can I find out more about making changes to my Tenancy?

Please visit the Your Tenancy page for information about making changes to your tenancy.

Can I exchange properties?

Yes, this may be possible subject to certain conditions and if you know someone who will exchange with you. You may find out more on our Mutual Exchange page.

What if I wish to terminate my Tenancy?

Conditions for terminating a tenancy may be found on our Ending Your Tenancy page.

What is your policy on anti-social behaviour?

You may download the anti-social behaviour policy in summary form and in detail by visiting our Tenancy and Estates Team page.

What other published information is available for downloading?

We have many leaflets and guidelines available for download from our Publications page.

Where can I find out news about Newark and Sherwood Homes? Do you issue a newsletter?

Visit our Latest News page to read the news articles. Our Publications page contains issues of our tenant newsletter, Home from Homes for downloading.

How do I contact other housing-related bodies, the Council or Government departments that deal with housing?

Please visit our Links page.

How do I provide feedback about the website?

Please use our Feedback Form which is also accessible from the bottom of our Home Page.

What are PDF files? What software do I need to download your forms and other publications?

Our forms and other publications are PDF files. This is a common standard used by many websites and in order to read them you require some software called Adobe Reader. Click on the icon below to visit the Adobe website in order to download this free software. You only need do this once.


What if I can't find the answer above?

Please visit the A-Z index page. You may also use the search feature that appears underneath the logo at the top left of each page. Just enter the word or phrase that you are looking for and press the Return Key. The Search Screen will then appear with the results of all pages found that include your word or phrase. If this does not answer your query then please contact us on 0845 2585550.




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