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Mutual Exchange


We know we cannot always help people who want to transfer from one property to another. You may want to live on a particular road; the mutual exchange scheme gives you the opportunity of doing this by arranging an exchange yourself.

Anyone who is a secure tenant with Newark and Sherwood District Council or any other local authority or has an assured tenancy with a housing association can apply.

We leave it up to you to find someone you want to exchange with. As soon as you have done this you must contact the Housing Choice Section at Kelham Hall. You will be asked to complete a mutual exchange application form, this asks for details of you and your family and details of the tenant you wish to exchange with.

There are no age limits and people living in sheltered accommodation can make arrangements too, provided they exchange into a similar property.

There are some restrictions so please read on to see if you qualify.

You will not be allowed to exchange if you are in breach of your tenancy. Below are some of the reasons why your exchange may be turned down:

  • We are seeking possession or have begun proceedings against you
  • If you owe us any money for rent or re-chargeable repairs
  • The property you have found is too big/too small for you and/or your family.
  • The property you have found is tied accommodation or a special type of property.
  • The property you have found has been specially adapted for a disabled tenant and you are not in need of the adaptations.
  • You have chosen a property, which is regarded as supported housing (if you are in doubt please ask).

We will acknowledge your application and make a few checks to make sure the exchange is suitable. We will also inspect your property to make sure everything is in order. Once we have carried out the checks and they are satisfactory, we will contact you to make arrangements for a new tenancy agreement to be signed and agree a date with you for moving.

The choice is yours – it could be your best move yet.

If you would like to move out of the Newark and Sherwood area why not look at the HOMESWAPPER and House Exchange schemes to help tenants to move all over the UK.  Visit  to register for the schemes and then start your search for a property in the area you would like to move to.

If you are not in a position to exchange your property you can also use this website to search for properties available to rent in different parts of the country. Some may be available immediately using schemes run by other local authorities or housing associations. Low cost home ownership (new and resale) are also advertised on this site as are Shared Ownership properties (part rent part buy)

HOMES have a telephone advice service their number is 0845 080 1089

To apply for a mutual exchange or for further information please contact the Housing Choice section on 0845 2585550 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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