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Jobs, Training and Volunteering


  • Advice on job seeking:

In this current climate gaining employment can be a challenging task but don't be defeated. The website: Gov - Job Search is a great place to start on searching for your new employment.

Another useful website is Job Centre Plus, a government agency supporting people of working age from welfare into work and also helping employers fill their vacancies.

  • Help with CV's:

Having a good quality CV is a vital point to increase your chances of gaining an interview. Ensure that your CV is concise and accurate highlighting all your relevant skills. For help and advice for writing the very best CV visit the following websites:

Top Tips for a Career Change

  • Work Clubs

Work clubs have been set up to provide the unemployed with a place to meet and exchange their skills, find opportunities and make good contacts to help them to return to employment. Attending a work club can increase your chances of gaining employment as you can develop your CV and interview techniques and even gain work experience which could lead to employment due to additional skills learnt. Work clubs are generally free; follow the link to find your local work club: Nottinghamshire Work Clubs


Apprenticeships are available to anybody above the age of 16, living in England and not in full time employment already. Whether you have just left school or want to gain further skills to commence new employment an apprenticeship could be right for you.

Being an apprentice means you can receive an income whilst gaining adequate, specific skills for the job. Apprenticeships can range from 1 – 4 years depending on the level of apprenticeship and once completed you will be awarded a national recognised qualification. Apprenticeships is a useful website that will give you further guidance on all apprenticeships.  Other useful sites include:

Adult courses

Studying later in life to gain further qualifications can help you to achieve your dream job. You can study alongside your current employment in your own time and often take the courses at your own pace to complete them in your own time. You may just want to brush up on your IT, English or mathematic skills or gain a higher qualification or something completely new. There are many colleges and Open Universities near you to get you started and give you more advice and information on the courses available to you. For more information visit:


How are you going to fund your course?

Funding can be available for adult learners to help with the initial costs for their course subject to eligibility.

  • Adult Grants and Bursaries

Adult learners can apply for grants and bursaries to help pay for your chosen course whereby usually you don't have to pay the money back. You would need to apply directly to the organisation that will then be able to inform you if you do qualify for the grant or bursary.

  • 19+ Student Support Fund

Some students are eligible to have their course fees waived or may be eligible to receive financial support, although funds are limited and subject to eligibility criteria.  Most funds are based on household income of £16,190 or below.  To discuss eligibility contact the course tutor.

  • 24 + Advanced Learning Loan

This loan can be applied to help with the costs of a college or training course if you are 24 years or older. There is an eligibility criterion that you would need to check to see if you qualify e.g. the course must start on or after 1 August 2013 and must be a Level 3 or 4 or advanced or higher apprenticeship.

The given loan will have to be paid back but the repayments will not start until April 2016. You also won't be required to pay anything back until you earn more than £21,000 per year. For further information go to: Direct Gov

Getting Online

There are a range of providers offering free online courses but what do you do if you have no computer of your own?

All Nottinghamshire libraries offer computer training sessions called Try IT.

These are usually one to one sessions but couples and small groups can usually be accommodated. To sign up for any of these sessions please contact your local library or visit Nottinghamshire Libraries

UK online Centres
Helping people get on line, the UK online centres network is made up of 3,800 centres in many different sectors and locations. UK online centres can be libraries, community centres, Housing Associations, training companies. To find your local online centre visit Uk Online Centres or call 0800 77 1234

Learn My Way – Free Internet training
This is the place to take your first steps online. Online basics is a great package of courses that has been designed for you including those who need help to get started with computers and the internet.

There are also a host of other courses to help you with making more of your money, shopping on line, job hunting and interviews, using a mobile phone, Facebook and socialising online – and much more. For more information visit Learn My Way




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