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The Benefits Cap

The Benefit Cap sets a limit on the amount of benefit that working age households receive.  This benefit will be phased in from 15 July 2013 until October 2013.  The benefit cap does NOT apply if you (or your partner) have reached 'pension age' at April 2013.

For a single person with no dependant children the maximum amount is £350 a week.

For couples, or anyone with dependant children the maximum amount is £500 a week.  You should note the number of children you have does not affect the maximum amount.

What’s included?
The cap will apply to the total amount that the people in your household get from the following benefits:

Who won’t be affected?

You won’t be affected by the benefit cap if anyone in your household qualifies for Working Tax Credit or gets any of the following benefits:

You might be affected by the cap if you have any grown-up children who still live with you and they qualify for one of these benefits. This is because they won’t normally count as part of your household.

What will happen

If you are affected, your Housing Benefit will go down to make sure that the total amount of benefit you get isn’t more than the cap level. If this happens you will need to use your benefit payments to pay your rent that is due, on time, as required.

If you’re already getting benefits and could be affected by the cap you’ll be contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). They’ll let you know what will happen to your benefits.

If you are seeing a Jobcentre Plus adviser, Work Programme or Work Choice provider, they’ll continue to help you look for work and get skills you may need for a job.

Use the benefit cap calculator to find out if you’ll be affected, and how much your benefits could go down by.

The DWP benefit cap team has a telephone helpline on 0845 6057064 or, for people with hearing or speech impairments, textphone 0845 6088551. The helpline is open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Action you can take?




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