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Non Dependants

An adult family member living with you, aged 18 or over who you do not receive child benefit for is called a non dependant.  Examples include an adult son, daughter, a parent.  They can also be friends who live with you but do not pay you rent.

If you have a non dependant living with you your Housing Benefit will be reduced by the amounts shown below.

If you have any queries about non dependant charges, please contact Newark and Sherwood District Council, Housing Benefit Section on: 01636 650000 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Non Dependant Circumstances
Weekly Rent Deduction
Aged under 25 and receiving Income Support, JSA(IB), or Assessment phase ESA(IR)
Receiving Pension Credit
Aged 25 or over and receiving Income Support/JSA(IB)/ESA(IR)
Aged 18 or over and receiving main phase ESA(IR)
Aged 18 or over and not in remunerative work (an average of 16 hours or more each week)
Aged 18 or over and in remunerative work:
– gross weekly income less than £124.00
gross weekly income £124.00-£182.99
gross weekly income £183.00-£237.99
gross weekly income £238.00-£315.99
gross weekly income £316.00-£393.99
gross weekly income £394.00 or more

JSA (IB) – income-based jobseeker’s allowance
ESA(IR) – income-related employment and support allowance
Assessment phase – the first 13 weeks of ESA

Where there is an overpayment of Housing Benefit the basic maximum rate of recovery from continuing HB is increasing from £10.65 to £10.80 from April 2013.

Where the overpayment has arisen as a result of fraud the basic maximum rate goes up from £17.75 to £18.00 per week.





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