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Newark and Sherwood Homes

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Allocations Scheme

To View the properties currently available please click EasyLet

How do I apply for housing?

If you are 16 years or over, contact  the Housing Choice Team or ask at our local offices for a housing application form.   Staff at our local offices in Hawtonville, Ollerton or the Town Hall, Newark will be happy to help and advise you.  Once you are registered you will receive information on where vacant properties are advertised and how to make a bid for a property.

What type of property is available?

Properties are divided into two categories:-

(i) Accommodation for applicants of 60 years or over, or who have a partner  over 60 years or have a family member who is disabled.
Applicants over 60 years will usually be considered for accommodation for the elderly but may be considered for other accommodation in some circumstances.

(ii) General needs housing available to other applicants.

What happens if I am already a tenant and want to move?

You need to have been living as a secure tenant in your Council property for at least a year you can apply for a transfer, although this may be relaxed where you need adaptations to meet the proven medical or social needs of a member of the household.

You may decide rather than applying for a transfer to apply for a mutual exchange. The scheme allows you to exchange your property with another Council tenant in this area or another local authority area or exchange with a Housing Association tenant with our prior consent. For more information click on Applying for a Mutual Exchange’ leaflet.


How do we assess your housing needs?

Following receipt of your application your needs will be assessed and you will be given a priority band.  Applicants in the greatest need are given the highest priority band.  It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your circumstances that could affect your application and your priority.

If you indicate on your application that there are medical circumstances affecting your ability to cope in your present accommodation you will be asked to complete a medical self assessment questionnaire.  This could alter your priority for housing.

In order to ensure you are fully prepared to begin your tenancy with us, we offer pre-tenancy support to help you feel more confident that you have the skills to successfully manage your new home. Newark and Sherwood Homes can work with you to identify any areas we may be able to assist you with, and we offer a range of information and support to help you prepare for a new tenancy.  To help us to learn more about your circumstances or your needs, please contact us on 0845 258 5550. Alternatively, we may contact you to offer you a one-to-one appointment, please click on link to complete an initial assessment form:

Tenancy Preparation Form

How will I know what properties are available?

Newark and Sherwood Homes will advertise vacant properties throughout the District.  You can apply for a maximum of two properties per advert.  This can be done via the telephone, in writing, in person or our website.

What sort of properties will I be able to apply for?

When properties are advertised, each property will have a suitability criteria to ensure that it is let appropriately.  You will need to take into account the size of the property in relation to the number of people seeking accommodation.

Who will be offered the property?

Once you have responded to the advert and the closing date has passed, if you meet the criteria for that property, Newark and Sherwood Homes will offer the vacant property to the applicant with the greatest priority band and the oldest registration date.

How will I know if I have been successful?

If you are successful you will be contacted and asked if you wish to view the property when it is ready.  Feedback sheets giving the results of each property allocated will be made available.  This may help to judge whether you are likely to be offered a property in the future by assessing the demand for different properties and areas.

Allocations Scheme

A copy of the Allocations Scheme is available for your information. The policy outlines the procedures for allocating properties and gives information on what to do to in case you are not happy with how we have allocated your banding.

For more information click on Appeals Procedure leaflet.


The application form can be found here: Housing Application Form and mandatory Tenancy Preparation Form.





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